Wonderful arboretum...

Of the Poulaines domain...

About the domain of Poulaines, I could tell you that since the first century, its territory is served by a Roman road...
I could tell you that the first lords of Poulaines lived around the year 1000... or that it was around 1504 that a castle was built, very close to the one we can still see today... or, skipping the developments, the restorations, the centuries, I could mention that it was in 1998 that the contemporary gardens started to be created.
I could also point out that today you can rest in the comfort of two guest houses, or that the small store presents regional handicrafts that are made only for it...
In short, I could say many exciting things about the Poulaines estate but...
But I would especially like to draw your attention to the garden, and mainly to its unusual part, the arboretum...


The arboretum of the Poulaines domain

The project of creating an arboretum was born around 2006, and then its realization. This "botanical conservatory" presents about 300 different species, which can be discovered along quiet paths...
The owner of the place took botany and garden history courses herself, and Claudine and Gérard Adeline helped her to play with the flowers, the bark, the foliage or the fruiting bodies, so that the arboretum is at its most beautiful in all seasons. So, of course, once you have visited it, come back in another season: it will be different, and just as beautiful!


Gardens and Arboretum
Domaine de Poulaines
36210 Poulaines
Tel : 06 73 01 15 23


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Mon Arboretum - inventaire pas comme les autres d'arbres extraordinaires en France

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« Le journal que tu tiens relate mon voyage à la rencontre de tous ces arbres, connus ou discrets, cachés ou exubérants, frêles ou solides, mais toujours extraordinaires. Ces arbres, je les ai trouvés et je les ai écoutés. Ce sont leurs histoires que je te confie : fais-en bon usage ! « Un voyage onirique à la découverte des arbres remarquables de France, enrichi d’un contenu savant qui donne aux enfants et aux adultes les clefs pour engager leur propre quête botanique. Un livre à la frontière du carnet de voyage, de l’herbier, de l’encyclopédie, du cabinet de curiosités.

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