"The mysteries of Bourges

Little mysterious article...

And yes! Indeed, if I write you a few lines about something mysterious, I can't say too much about it, at the risk of unveiling the mystery!
The mystery? Why put it in the singular, when there are so many mysteries... in Bourges!


But what is it?

What is it all about? It is an organization (mysterious!) which proposes to you to discover "the mysteries of Bourges", but in a ludic, unusual, captivating way, by following courses (mysterious!) of which you will have to find yourself the stages, by solving enigmas... and mysteries! Your deduction and logic skills, as well as your perceptive observations will be called upon.

An example? The year is 1532. Geoffroy Tory has become the first royal printer. He has spent his life promoting the French language. And he has hidden his treasure... And you will go into the streets of Bourges, meet his supporters, his friends, until you find this famous treasure!


But who is it for?

Whether you're a game lover, a tourist who likes to discover the hidden treasures of our heritage, or even a long-time resident of Bourges who thinks he knows his city by heart, even though you don't suspect the existence of certain hidden places, you'll quickly get hooked on this activity (... full of mystery!) that will allow you to discover and enjoy with enthusiasm and good humor!


But when is it?

The mystery hovers every day, all year long... with a reservation!



"The Mysteries of Bourges
Tel : 07 66 68 44 20



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Le plan de Bourges offre un contenu complet : Rues piétonnes, Parkings, parkings relais, Transports en commun, Principaux édifices publiques (Administration, Ecoles, Lieux de culte, Installations sportives, Espaces de loisirs, Centres commerciaux). Vous trouverez en plus dans ce plan quelques mots d'introduction sur la ville, les sites à visiter, des renseignements pratiques, les stations vélos en libre-service, le plan des environs. Un Index des rues détaillé permet de se repérer plus facilement sur la carte. Ce plan a entièrement été mis à jour en 2019.

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