Nantes, daughters of Jules Verne and Leonardo da Vinci : the "Machines de l'ile".

Strange creatures....

We do not describe the "machines of the island", because how to put words on a dreamlike and phantasmagorical artistic project, carrying the distant echo of the street show, animating strange creatures that are located somewhere between the "invented worlds" of Jules Verne, the metallic and mechanical universe of Leonardo da Vinci, and the industrial history of Nantes, on the site of the old shipyards?


The elephant

When you visit them, you will certainly come across the great elephant that has gradually become its symbol. With its 12 m high, with its 48.4 tons of steel and wood, with its barrages, and the steam jets propelled by its trunk, it does not go unnoticed!


The others....

In the gallery, you will also meet an 8-metre heron, the mechanical spider, the giant ant and the giant caterpillar. You can also walk above the workshops, and observe the work that is taking place there, the projects that are taking shape there...


In Nantes, and elsewhere

You can discover all this in Nantes but, from time to time, these fantastic animals come out of it, and go for walks in other big cities, in other capitals, and even beyond the seas, for parties, street shows...


Les Machines de l'Île

2 Boulevard Léon Bureau

44200 Nantes

Phone : 08 10 12 12 25


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