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Cabaret, the madness in Mayenne! - Azé – Mayenne -

Cabaret, the madness in Mayenne!

Who would have thought? A "live" cabaret, with feather dancers, a big orchestra, magicians, and everything, and everything... in the Mayenne! Who would have thought? They believed it! Unusual? That's the least we can say!


The singer and the musician

They were touring all over France, until the day they wanted to settle down a little. And yes, working near home is not bad either! 

And they developed this project a little crazy: create a cabaret in Mayenne....

So, a large hangar, and the complete creation, inside, of a real theatre, with the stage, the boxes, all the machinery, and obviously the hall and its large tables for the spectators... and here we go... and it's a success!


"The Live"

Mayenne is the least populated department of the Pays de la Loire region, about 80% of which is agricultural land. At first glance, it seems like it may not be the right place to set up a cabaret... But well, it seems that the designers of the project had a better view, since, today, you have to book well in advance!

Indeed, today, you can have lunch and dinner shows, or dinner shows, from the great cabaret show, three hours with the dancers, magicians, and musicians!

At the entrance, it is the artists who welcome you... in magic. 

Paris and the Champs Elysées?
New York and Broadway?
No, Château-Gontier where, in the tradition of the greatest music halls in France, it is champagne, feathers and sequins, songs and music, to a hellish rhythm! 

The icing on the cake is that the meals served to you are made with fresh local products, organic, processed on site....


Cabaret Le Live

150 bis, Zac de terre rouge
53200 Azé

Tél. : 07 83 86 53 07 et 06 84 32 70 40






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Cabaret, cabarets : De Paris à toute l'Europe, l'histoire d'un lieu du spectacle

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Le 18 novembre 1881, au pied de Montmartre, Rodolphe Salis fonde à Paris le Chat Noir, et l'épopée du cabaret commence. En Espagne, en Allemagne, en Autriche, en Tchécoslovaquie, en Pologne, en Russie... partout son exemple fait école. Comment est-on passé de la taverne au caf'conc' ; puis au cabaret ? De quelle manière cette évolution s'est-elle illustrée ? Si le mot "cabaret", aujourd'hui, suggère froufrous et numéros de variétés, le cabaret des origines a été un phénomène de culture. Avec cette histoire globale du cabaret littéraire et artistique en Europe comme lieu de spectacle, Lionel Richard comble une lacune sur le marché du livre. Toute une époque nous est restituée ici, avec ses artistes, ses aspirations, ses programmes esthétiques. Ce qui s'en dégage clairement, c'est comment s'accomplit en Occident, du XIXe au XXe siècle, un tournant de civilisation.

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