The Good Shepherd, congregation, museum, and hostelry

An enriching ensemble

It is quite unusual to find, in the same place, and what a place, the interesting cohabitation between a congregation, a museum, and a hostelry. Beyond a common architecture, the ensemble seems to carry a common spirit.


The congregation

The congregation has been established here since 1829. At the beginning, it benefited from the dynamism of a foundress, Sister Marie-Euphrasie Pelletier, who, according to legend, was "the only man in Angers".

And this dynamism must have been truly remarkable, since her reputation has endured through the centuries! Today, the sisters are concerned with people on the margins of society, and this, all over the world.


The Museum

If you are visiting downtown Angers, then you are just a stone's throw away from the museum, which, on three floors, presents objects, documents and images, supported by multimedia. A little-known aspect of Angers' history.


The hostelry

Guests are welcomed in a remarkably preserved 12-hectare landscape and building complex.
There are ninety rooms, a restaurant, and meeting rooms for professional or festive events.


Good Shepherd Motherhouse
Good Shepherd Museum
Hostellerie Bon Pasteur
18, Rue Marie-Euphrasie Pelletier
49100 Angers



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C'est au travers de magnifiques documents photographiques, souvent inédits, que Roland Degouy s'attache à retracer la vie locale d'Angers de la fin du siècle dernier jusqu'à la première partie du XXe siècle. Les différents aspects économiques, culturels et sociaux sont explorés et illustrés au fil des pages de ce recueil avec parfois beaucoup de nostalgie...

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