Briare: the barge takes the bridge


There are characters, like that, who have marked their time so much that you can see the trace of them everywhere. If I tell you, for example, military works, fortress, walls, towers... right now, you will answer: "Vauban"! Similarly, if I tell you, another example, construction made of intertwined steel beams, right now, you will answer: "Eiffel"! And you're right!


The canal

The Briare Canal, at first, it's a crazy idea! On one side, we have the side canal to the Loire. On the other side we have the Briare canal. And, between the two, in its valley, we have the Loire. So how do we connect the two channels? Easy! Easy! All you have to do is build a bridge, but it must also be a canal on which barges can sail quietly, a bridge, therefore, that crosses the Loire quite simply.... easy!

And, as a result, it gives the longest metal canal bridge in Europe, with its 662.69 metres! It was built by two companies, managed by... the Gustave Eiffel company!

The work took place between 1890 and 1896. And, apart from its practical destination, the aesthetic aspect, in addition, has not been forgotten. And this superb structure can not only seduce boaters who pass over it, but also pedestrians, with its sidewalks punctuated by 62 candelabra, and 4 obelisks lantern holders, allowing you to discover a magnificent view of the Loire. And at night, it is a true luminous voice that is reflected in the water.


Tourist office Terres de Loire and Canaux

Briare-le-Canal office

1, Place Charles de Gaulle

45250 Briare

Phone : 02 38 31 24 51


Museum of the 2 Marines and the Canal Bridge

58, Boulevard Buyser

45250 Briare

Phone : 02 38 31 28 27


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La Briare : un canal, des émaux

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Briare: the barge takes the bridge

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