Nantes, dogs and cats pampered!

Croquettes and cuddles, or truffle walks in the wind....

It is not uncommon to meet students who are looking to pay for their studies, or retirees who are looking to repel loneliness by offering pet care services.

In the case of Canilin, it is quite another matter. This is someone who has simply taken on the status of a self-employed entrepreneur to build a professional activity in this field.

And this professionalism is proving to be a guarantee of success.

Guillaume Delplancq himself has a cat and a dog to which, of course, he is attached (read "of which he is gaga"!).

And, in addition, he develops a small individual business, planning, internal regulations, general conditions, etc.!

In other words, dog and cat owners who have, from time to time, care problems, encounter in him the affectivity and attention he has towards his own animal friends, combined with the rigour of the company manager.

It is possible to take the animals to his home, but he can also travel to take care of them at his customers', and this can range from a simple guard, croquettes and cuddles, to a long walk in the surroundings, truffle in the wind and alert legs!


Disability and mobility

Someone with a severe disability, as in his case, is too often motionless, either in fact, because he cannot do otherwise, or in his head, because he loses the desire to act. As far as he is concerned, it is quite the opposite, and one could almost think that disability is, in his case, a motor. And it is not impossible that animals, so sensitive to everything, may feel it!



8, rue de la Souillarderie

44300 Nantes

Phone : 09 63 58 73 26 & 07 52 32 57 42


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