The chestnut tree of Moulihèrne...

You don't know Moulihèrne?

How... you don't know Moulihèrne? Unbelievable! Listen....

Moulihèrne is a "Commune of Anjou of 4000 hectares at the borders of Touraine, Maine and Anjou, at the crossroads of the Gallo-Roman and medieval roads Angers-Tours and Poitiers-Le Mans, with its forest scenery where oaks and pines meet, its abundant flora, its plains and green plateaus, its Riverolle where poplar shades the meadow between bridges and mills. Lovers of history or nature, you will discover a "beautiful village", the charm of its countryside, its important monuments and curiosities, witnesses of a certain historical richness".

Okay, well, the author of these lines may not be perfectly objective, since they can be found on the official website of this village of about 900 inhabitants.

But why talk about this village, however friendly it may be?

But because of his chestnut tree, of course!

You don't know the chestnut tree of Moulihère?


How... you don't know the Moulihèrne chestnut tree? Unbelievable! Listen....

it is one of the largest chestnut trees in France! Circumference: 11.48m to 1.30m and 14.35m on the ground! Still!

It would be 1000 years old and more! In other words, he probably knew Hugues Capet....

You can see it from the road, but you can also see it very closely by spending a night in the Michaud family's cottage, on whose grounds it continues to thrive! Ask around the village, everyone knows!


Les Derouinières
Mouliherne  49


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