In Nantes, La Cigale, perhaps the most beautiful brewery in the world!

Unusual? No....

We cannot say that this Nantes institution is unusual... the word is too weak! Unique, would be better! A brewery that is said to be perhaps the most beautiful in the world still deserves adjectives at its height!

Inaugurated in 1895, its earthenware, paintings, friezes, sculptures and sparkling colours are historical jewels, testifying to the architectural exuberance of the great breweries of the Belle Époque.

The bourgeoisie of Nantes very quickly made it one of its meeting points, the word "rendez-vous" being able perhaps, but it is a rumour, to be heard in the somewhat "naughty" sense of the term, especially since the pretty actresses performing at the Graslin theatre have only the place to cross... it is even said, but you know as on people, that certain windows forming recesses could easily form alcoves... but, good...

What is certain, however, is that in 1964, the Cicada was classified as a historical monument!


Nantes : La Cigale, timeless, essential....

It is essential, if only because of its breathtaking decor. But it is also, during the day, since, whatever the time, you will always be welcomed and served.

It is also timeless, because it brilliantly declines all the great classics of the great breweries.

Beef tartare is a show in itself, because it is prepared before your eyes with a surprising mastery!


La Cigale
4, place Graslin
44000 Nantes
Phone : 02 51 84 94 94


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In Nantes, La Cigale, perhaps the most beautiful brewery in the world!

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