In Rosnay, oxen, horses, carps, inn, and...

Rosnay... "Once upon a time in the West"!

We are in the heart of the "Brenne Macé-Foucault land and ponds" nature reserve, and yet some aspects of what surrounds us would not be unpleasant in Sergio Leone!

In fact, we are in the department of Indre, at Buttons Farm, which has been raising Limousin and Black Angus cattle for many generations.

But, little by little, it has become increasingly difficult to live properly from this activity alone, and the family, in order to adapt, has diversified its activities around its core business. The result is an unusual and typical ensemble.


Cowboy activities, or fishing?

Both are proposed.

Horse rides or wagon rides are nice, but it's still quite classic. On the other hand, finding yourself at dawn, on horseback of course, pushing a herd of oxen from one pasture to another... that's something else!

Fishing? It is of course proposed in the ponds. But there are also exceptional days, net fishing, noisy and joyful, during the annual oil changes, for example.


A way of working and living to discover

These people did not build a tourist activity on an idea, and from scratch. It is exactly the opposite. They have started from their way of life and work, and offer to discover and participate in them, with, for example, all year round, themed evenings or days such as the "brame of the stag", storytelling evenings, dinner-concerts, horseback riding, etc.

In addition, they also work with naturalist guides for guided tours of the observatories and photo workshops.


What about the inn?

You will not be surprised to discover that they have also opened an inn! It's simple, but how good is it, live from the meadow or pond!

It serves the production of livestock, or neighbouring farms! Beef is in the spotlight, prepared in any way! (It is also sold for cutting on site, or via the Internet throughout France!)

And then, on your table, directly from the ponds, carp, pike, perch and pike-perch!


Auberge des Buttons
Le Rianvert
36300 Rosnay
Tél. : 02 54 37 11 76
Tél. : 06 52 29 05 84


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