Chartres en lumières, dreams full of eyes...

Chartres en lumières, dreams full of eyes...

"Chartres en lumières" is the largest heritage lighting operation in the world! A marvel!.


Every evening....

From April 27 to October 12, every evening, 24 sites are illuminated... A phantasmagoria for the discovery and rediscovery of a heritage that has become magical... Unusual and unique!


A very small article!

For once, the article dedicated to the event is very small, very short! 


Because "Chartres en lumières" is not "just" 24 illuminated buildings! Far from it!

They are real moving, living scenographies, of fleeting forms, of fleeting lights, of ephemeral magic... And it cannot be told! 

It is admired, amazed, lived in a colourful waking dream! 

So, look at the pictures, watch the video, and go! 



Ville de Chartres 
Place des Halles
Chartres 28000
Tél. : 
02 37 18 47 84


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Chartres en lumières, dreams full of eyes...

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