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Museum of the motor, from the Solex to Ariane - Saumur - Maine-et-Loire -

Museum of the motor, from the Solex to Ariane

This place is unique in France. It is a museum that is particularly unusual, since you can discover... engines! First of all, we tend to say "yes... well...". And then, little by little, you get caught up in a kind of nostalgic poetry. It's beautiful, and it's very crazy, too...


The combustion engine

The museum is entirely dedicated to combustion engines. It was created in Saumur in 1996, under the impetus of the city of Saumur, the industrial school of Saumur, and the Sadi Carnot high school.

This huge collection is the work of a group of people who are not sure whether they are enlightened or poets!


The great family of engines

It can be said that this motor museum brings together the members, however diverse they may be, of this great family.

You will find motorcycle engines, and a collection of Solex... you will find many lovingly restored motorcycles. Automobile engines, airplane engines, agricultural engines, boat engines, rocket engines, in short, all fields requiring mechanical energy are concerned, and represented, with real industrial works of art.

You will be surprised to see that the smallest engine weighs 80 grams, and the biggest, 21 tons! You will be admiring the Viking, which equipped the Ariane IV rocket, and quietly sipping 350 litres per second, or observing a De Dion-Bouton model from 1897... You will have a touch of nostalgia in front of Jean-Pierre Jabouille's double turbo which enabled him to conquer Renault's first F1 victory.


A personal wink...

Yes, I admit it, the E-Type Jaguar has always struck me as the most beautiful car that ever existed, a sensual and industrial masterpiece. So, then, to dream a little, here's the purr, flare and acoustic caress of the divine engine.


The "old-fashioned" workshop

In addition to the engines, you will also visit an old-fashioned workshop, recreated "from scratch", with the mechanisms and tools intended for the manufacture or repair of mechanical parts...



The museum presents models restored by enthusiasts but, in addition, a real pedagogical and historical presentation of the different pieces has been chosen. And the aim of this museum is also to be the "engine" of an important human issue, since it was wanted by the alumni of a school that is influential in French industry and in the world.


Musée du Moteur
18 rue Alphonse Caillaud
Bagneux 49400 Saumur

Tél. : 02 41 50 26 10


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To go further....

Le moteur thermique (Combustion interne) pour les nuls

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Ce livre a pour but de vous montrer le fonctionnement des moteurs à combustion interne, des moteurs thermiques, de manière simple, drôle et efficace
Tout savoir sur le moteur: Un moteur est un appareil qui permet de transformer en énergie mécanique une autre forme d’énergie.

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Un moteur est un appareil qui permet de transformer en énergie mécanique une autre forme d’énergie. Longtemps, l’homme ne disposa que se sa propre force avant de savoir utiliser celle des animaux qu’il put domestiquer. Enfin, il songea à employer l’énergie naturelle que lui fournissaient le vent ou les cours d’eau pour faire avancer un bateau à voiles, ou encore actionner un moulin.

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