Gardens of Etretat beyond the unusual

Gardens of Etretat... indescribable

There are certain magical places, like this, that we give up describing, so unreal are they...

Indescribable... Beyond the unusual... So, for once, very few words, and lots of pictures.


Just a few tracks, in the form of a mini guide to the Jardins d'Étretat...

You will begin with the Avatar Garden, which means "the descent from the sky of an omnipresent deity who protects the universe". Go and describe it!

Then the Emotions garden, evocative of the round shapes of the underwater world from which emerge, bluish grey, faces that turn their emotions towards the sky.

Jardin Impressions... a panoramic view of the English Channel and the cliffs, with which Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot, Édouard Manet, Eugène Delacroix, Claude Monet... the plants form the high and low tides that cradle time.

Jardin d'Aval, Alice in Wonderland reinvented, improbable plants, yew arches echoing the famous cliff, orchids everywhere... a meeting place...

Zen garden, harmony of a very happy union between nature and humanity, white flowering plants, sound in transposition of the awakening of the good...

Jardin la Manche, maze of breaking waves, foaming waves of silvery leaves, unleashed elements...

and then it's the Upstream Garden which overhangs the whole with cliffs of plants with mathematical, geometrical regularity...


State Gardens... turn off the screen!

Yes, turn off the computer, turn off the screen, leave, and yes, "the Great Unusual West", take a breath, and dive, immerse yourself in these gardens. 

Yes, do it!


Jardins d’Étretat
Avenue Damilaville
76 Étretat

Tél. : 02 35 27 05 76


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