The Museum of Norman traditions and arts

The castle

Jacques le Pelletier was shipowner and alderman of the city of Rouen. But he dreamed a little of a nobler status. So, when he acquired the 25-hectare fiefdom of Martainville in 1481, he decided to have a castle built there, which was built between 1485 and 1495.
Today it is one of the very rare examples of early Renaissance architecture in Normandy.

By visiting it, you will visit the rooms which still have their original layout. Then, you will go to see the dovecote, the bread oven, the stables, the barns, or the carriage house.

You will also, of course, appreciate the "rediscovered garden", inaugurated in 2014, whose layout is inspired by that of the most beautiful Renaissance gardens.


The Museum of Norman traditions and arts

The unusual side of this museum, created in 1961, is the richness and diversity of its collections.

Along the permanent route, you will pass through about twenty rooms, including a guard room, with the oldest furniture, a dining room which must have been in the 16th century a room reserved for distinguished guests and in which, no doubt, Henri IV slept, a Louis XIII bedroom with the first double wardrobes, a kitchen with its fireplace capable of cooking an ox, a room of Norman costume, a room dedicated to Norman musical heritage...

A long journey of discovery!


Martainville Castle
Museum of Norman Traditions and Arts
76116 Martainville-Epreville

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Seine-Maritime Mysteres

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Les histoires que l’on va lire citons comme exemples « Les extravagantes tribulations de Mathurin Bruneau » ; ou « Flaubert et la cathédrale de Rouen » sont fortement contrastées. Tantôt mystérieuses, étonnantes, elles témoignent d’une exceptionnelle richesse humaine et éclairent le passé lointain ou récent d’une aura mythique « où l’histoire a toujours été propice aux grandes aventures et mêlée aux grands secrets nationaux », comme l’a écrit Maurice Leblanc...
La Seine Maritime : Petite géographie curieuse et insolite

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Découvrir une étonnante Seine-Maritime dévoilée de façon originale dans un petit livre richement illustré..

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