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The little house on the meadow - Pornic - Loire-Atlantique -

The little house on the meadow

Unusual? The word is weak for this restaurant which has put conviviality at the very top of its menu!

We meet the animals of a small farm, visit a real mill, participate in a "bread workshop" during which we learn to make our own bread, which we will then take with us, just before participating in a snack as we no longer do!

You can also visit the shop where you will find millstone flours, salted butter caramel cream, jams and jellies...

And then, as it is still, at the beginning, a restaurant, you can enjoy the fumes cooked in front of you in a wood-fired oven. With braised Vendée ham, skewers, the small knob of butter that goes well, and potatoes in cream, it's very simple, but what a good thing it is!

After the good times you will spend in this very special restaurant, you can walk to the seaside to the "chemin des douaniers" which offers us a beautiful walk along the seaside.


La Petite Maison dans la prairie

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44210 Pornic

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