The museum of old trades

The three levels of the castle

Here you are in front of the castle of Argent-sur-Sauldre, in the heart of the park, on the banks of the Sauldre, and you are ready to walk back in time by passing from one floor to the other, by finding the domestic life, the agricultural life, and the industrial life of formerly.


On the first floor

The Solognot interior was composed of only one large room, unique, where all the activities of life took place, eating, entertaining, heating, sleeping, and it is this family life that you will share a few moments.
On this same level, you will discover an exhibition dedicated to a scientist astronomer born in Argent-sur-Sauldre, you will see a classroom as it was in the nineteenth century, and you will find yourself in the reproduction of a cinema room, let's say... quite old!


On the second floor...

This is the second floor that presents the "trades of yesteryear". What is a "coppersmith"? I won't tell you! It's up to you to discover it among all the other old trades and forgotten skills that are revived there.
For the nature and poetry aspect, you will discover the permanent exhibition of birds and butterflies which is located on this same floor.


Under the frame

Under the frame of the castle, some old trades, there again, the evocation of the peasant life in the nineteenth century, and a superb dovecote.
Note that this castle is a stage of the famous Route Jacques Coeur.



Museum of the Trades of Yesteryear
Esplanade of the castle

18410 Argent-sur-Sauldre

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Intérieurs secrets en Berry

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De châteaux majestueux en hôtels particuliers, de demeures contemporaines en chaleureuses maisons de famille, Intérieurs secrets en Berry invite le lecteur à pénétrer des lieux inattendus et souvent méconnus. Chanté depuis George sand pour la richesse de ses « manières », ce territoire berrichon aux paysages aussi contrastés qu authentiques ouvre ses portes afin de faire découvrir l art de vivre d un terroir insoupçonné qui ne cesse de se réinventer en mariant traditions et inspirations contemporaines avec charme et simplicité. Ce beau livre se veut également une rencontre avec celles et ceux qui ont fait le choix de vivre dans ce pays aux mille légendes entre Indre et Cher. tout plaît dans le Berry !

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