Aubigny-sur-Nère, the Scotsman!

A Scottish land in the middle of Berry...

Azincourt... our heavy iron-clad knights against the agile and mobile English archers.
In short, it goes very badly for us.
And, in 1295, France and Scotland signed a treaty of alliance. One of the consequences is that in 1421, Lord John Stuart of Darnley, at the head of a Scottish expeditionary force, joined Charles VII, then, at the battle of Baugé, pulverized the English army. Grateful, the king gave him the seigneury of Aubigny. And the city will remain Scottish for about 250 years!
In 1512, Robert Stuart, a descendant of the previous king, rebuilt the town after a terrible fire, which gave us many half-timbered houses that we can still admire today.

From 1517, he built the castle.


The Auld Alliance Interpretation Center
The Auld Alliance, "the oldest alliance in the world" as de Gaulle called it in 1942, you will be able to understand its history through four rooms, on the first floor of the castle, offering you all the necessary elements, written, visual, multimedia.
And when you leave, you will not fail to go for a quiet walk, since you are in the heart of the city, with its medieval streets.

Well, quietly... except if you choose the period of the Franco-Scottish holidays, with many celebrations, and tasting of the inevitable "stuffed sheep's stomach"!
If you wish to rest, and prolong your stay in the atmosphere of the city, you will find "La chaumière", a hotel restaurant in the center of the city, a former post house from 1870!


Castle of the Stuarts
Town Hall Place de la Résistance
18700 Aubigny-sur-Nère

Tel : 06 79 94 32 00


La chaumière
2, rue Paul Lasnier
18700 Aubigny-sur-Nère

Phone : 02 48 58 04 01



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En juin 2017, Jean CHEN proposait un très beau livre, Bourges au fil des siècles, de restitutions, à l'aquarelle de Bourges à travers les âges, en particulier au XVIe siècle.
Ce deuxième tome présente de nouvelles aquarelles : des gros plans sur des édifices connus ou inconnus de Bourges, des restitutions de ces belles villes médiévales que furent Sancerre,
perché e sur son piton, Mehun-sur-Yèvre au château somptueux, Aubigny-sur-Nère et son ensemble exceptionnel de maisons en pans de bois du début du XVIe siècle.

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