The Creuse Valley Museum

Éguzon-Chantôme, what a village!

Even so... this village of just under 1500 inhabitants has found a way, for more than thirty years, to welcome 20,000 visitors to its "chestnut festival", which is joyful, convivial, and invigorating too, since, on this occasion, 3,000 hikers discover the region and the 400 kilometers of marked paths in the vicinity!
Even so... this village is also home to the know-how of the two-time world champion jam maker, the Michelet company, whose creations are sold in the finest grocery stores and the most prestigious restaurants!
But still... this village also presents a museum as active as authentic, the Museum of the Creuse Valley! So, since I wrote an article on the first two points, let's go and visit this museum...


Arts and Popular Traditions

At its creation, in 1987, it was a museum of Arts and Popular Traditions quite authentic, its collections coming for the greater part from family collections organized by the members themselves, these, established for generations in the communes of the surroundings, being carriers of a true heritage.
You will thus see a reconstitution of the daily life of the time with a living room, the productions of the rural craftsmen, the basketry, the games and wooden toys, the moving reconstitution of a school of formerly...
You will also see the evocation of the famous "Masons of the Creuse" who, for centuries, used to go into exile during the summer in great numbers. At the end of the eighteenth century, about 20,000 men left, including about 3,000 in Paris, then 50,000 Limousins, including 35,000 Creusois in the nineteenth century.
They thus participated in prestigious building sites, and directed them in certain cases. The proud song dedicated to them testifies to this, and says, for example:
"See the Pantheon,
See the Tuileries,
The Louvre and the Odeon,
The Palace of Industry.
Of all these monuments
France is proud;
She owes these ornaments
To the masons of Creuse ".

If you want to know more, I indicate you at the bottom of the article the address of the website of the masons of Creuse.


The exhibitions

In addition to its permanent activity, the museum organizes every year, in summer and autumn, temporary exhibitions, with two main themes, history, and landscape in art. Thus, for example, an exhibition Léon Detroy, postimpressionist, is organized from May to November 2021.



Transmission is an integral part of education. And the museum is very active in this area, offering, throughout the school year, guided tours, games, and "discovery" itineraries, both about the collections and about temporary exhibitions. It also offers practical workshops, adapted to the pedagogical approach of the teachers, and all this in a good mood, thanks to the availability of classrooms, a park, picnic rooms... This interaction between the museum and the school deserves to be underlined.



Museum of the Creuse Valley
Park of the city hall
2, rue de la gare
36270 Éguzon-Chantôme
Tel : 02 54 47 47 75



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To go further....

Peindre dans la vallée de la Creuse, 1830-1930

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La vallée de la Creuse, bien qu'elle ait connu une fréquentation comparable aux autres sites majeurs du paysagisme en plein air (Barbizon, Pont-Aven, Étretat...) est restée longtemps la grande oubliée des historiens de l'art. Elle était pourtant dotée d'atouts considérables : un pittoresque naturel qui attira quantité d'artistes, une authenticité rustique exceptionnelle où la maigre agriculture n'avait guère évoluée depuis le Moyen Âge et, enfin, un accès rapide depuis Paris grâce à la ligne de chemin de fer Paris-Limoges, active dès les années 1850.
Léon Detroy : un postimpressionniste, des lumières du midi à la vallée de la creuse

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Durant sa longue existence de peintre, Léon Detroy a toujours privilégié ses itinérances artistiques de l’Europe du Nord à l’Afrique septentrionale en passant par l’Italie, et en France, du Midi à la Bretagne et la vallée de la Creuse.
Dès 1881, Léon Detroy découvre les bords de la Creuse et y peint progressivement le spectaculaire des paysages en expérimentant cadrages et puissance de la lumière et des couleurs. Cet ancrage dans la vallée, qui lui sert de refuge régulier entre ses nombreux voyages, participe de son originalité.
La Photographie Dans la Vallee de la Creuse

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Les Ardents Editeurs publient le premier ouvrage consacré à la pratique photographique dans la vallée de la Creuse au cours du XIXe et début XXe siècle. Intitulé La photographie dans la vallée de la Creuse au temps de l’impressionnisme (1875-1920), cet ouvrage, écrit par l historien Jean-Marc Ferrer, illustré par plus de 140 images pour la plupart inédites, montre les relations entre peintres et photographes dans la vallée de la Creuse

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