Extraordinary frescoes in an ordinary church

Le Menoux, its church from the outside...

Seen from the outside, it is a nineteenth century church, quite peaceful and classical, the church of a rural village of about 500 inhabitants. A very traditional image that could have inspired the author of a famous election poster invoking a certain "quiet strength"...


Le Menoux, its church, inside...

You enter, and there, it is an explosion of colors on 450 m²! An extraordinary fresco that its author, the Bolivian painter Jorge Carrasco, took eight years to realize.
Jorge Carrasco is recognized to be one of the greatest Bolivian artists of our time, and his name was found next to those of Picasso or Matisse, for example, on the occasion of the International Biennial of Art of Sao Paulo.
In this peaceful church, a whole cosmogony emerges before you...
On the right side, the positive forces of nature, on the left side, the negative forces, and, in front, the first convolutions of creation, of life, then of the apocalypse, in a span of vault. It is a global vision, generous, volcanic, of the creation of man and the universe, a vision of dazzling soft lines that carry you away.


Argenton-sur-Creuse Tourist Office
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The Carrasco Gallery
8, rue Jorge Carrasco
36200 Le Menoux



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