A large room in a small town!

Les Bains-Douches

Obviously unusual to discover here, in Lignières-en-Berry, less than 1500 inhabitants, this name which was for a long time that of a mythical Parisian room, today disappeared.

In addition, the Bains-Douches of Lignières-en-Berry open in a range of colorful talents a program of madness, of what to make die of envy of big rooms of big cities!
And all this in an enthusiastic and rejoicing team spirit !
I won't say more on the subject as it is complicated to describe the happiness shared... go and have a look on their website!

Do you want to have access to their stage (and others!) one day? You can sign up for the "song workshop". Of course, it is better to live in the region, since it takes place twice a month!

But, if you are just passing through, and if your stay does not correspond to any date, of any show, you can at least enjoy a complete visit, the theatre, the stage, the backstage, the dressing rooms, the machinery, the technical equipment, the foyer etc. To reserve, you have the phone number below.


The "Air du temps" festival

Every year, during four days, it is the big appointment!
Around the Bains-Douches, this festival of French song is close to the spectators, and everyone feels at home in these unusual places that are the Manège du Pôle du Cheval et de l'Âne, the Café du Commerce, the market hall, and the bains-douches garden.
If you can organize your agenda around this event... it's a good idea!


The baths and showers

Place Anne Sylvestre
18160 Lignières-en-Berry
Tel : 02 48 60 19 11


Tourist Office of Lignières-en-Berry
32, Grande Rue
18160 Lignières-en-Berry
Phone : 02 48 60 20 41




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