The Tuilerie is a CIAP...


A CIAP is a Center of Interpretation of Architecture and Heritage.
What does it mean?
It is a cultural establishment whose role is to highlight the architectural, heritage and landscape resources of the territory. In this case, as it is a brick factory, the emphasis is on the raw materials, their transformation, and on the products of the clay. For the visitor, it is the insurance of an interesting and educational presentation.


The Tilery, exhibitions ...

Witness of the industrial past of the Val d'Aubois, the Tuilerie proposes a permanent exhibition organized around a Hoffmann oven of the XIXth century, around... and inside! In two galleries of 32 meters long, the themes of water, earth, and fire are treated with the clay as a common thread, throughout the process of transformation of the clay.
In addition, a space is dedicated to temporary exhibitions which, each year, develop certain subjects evoked in the permanent exhibition.


And the bats?

Little by little, the Tuilerie became the ideal home for... bats!
Well housed, not disturbed, the river and its little midges right in front of it, perfect!
Would the rehabilitation of the buildings drive them away? Not at all... since their preservation was one of the elements of the project, and they were assigned a part of the site, in close collaboration with the curators of the Natural History Museum of Bourges

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Isn't history beautiful?


The Tilery
Center of interpretation of architecture and heritage.
27, rue du lieutenant Petit
18150 La Guerche sur l'Aubois
Tel : 02 48 74 23 93


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Avec la publication de 230 images aux légendes particulièrement bien documentées, ce livre retrace un siècle de vie guerchoise entre 1850 et 1950, où se mêlent les animations artisanales et la mutation économique de la commune.

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La Tuilerie

The Tuilerie is a CIAP...

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