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Make your own shoes ! - Nantes – Loire-Atlantique -

Make your own shoes !

At ease in his sneakers

His name is Hugo Lambert. He started shoemaking at 16, and three years later, he opened his first workshop, and launched unique custom shoe designs. And then, on top of that, he has been teaching shoe making at AppH formation since 2017, and leading DIY workshops since the same period.
These workshops will become a very unusual project: "Howtomakeshoes".

At ease, right?


The workshops

In terms of production, it's about teaching you how to make "the" shoe of your dreams.
But, in terms of dreams, it is about making you spend an incredible weekend, from which you will leave with your own pair, unique, all yours, that you will have created yourself, and made with your little fingers!
Already, on the site, you can "customize" the model you want by choosing, piece by piece, the colors and textures. Hence unique models, handmade in Nantes, and guaranteed for 10 years! But here, in a workshop, and with the attentive advice of the "Master" (as a sign of deference, bow your head a little while pronouncing this word), this model, you make it yourself, in a good creative mood.

In short, as he says himself: "we don't deal with shoes, we deal with crazy moments, quality moments". It's clear, isn't it?



How to make shoes
67, rue du Millau
44300 Nantes
Phone : 06 85 55 87 83






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