Bescherel, the first Cité du Livre in France

From rue de la Filanderie to place des Halles, wander along the medieval streets, in front of the 16th century granite houses whose character has survived over the years, discovering the many bookshops that make this small town the first Cité du Livre in France and the third in Europe.

And, indeed, from bookbinding workshops to bookstores, it is indeed the city of reading!

Some fifteen bookshops, and all the craftsmen in the book trade, bring the city to life, to the rhythm of the events that follow one another: on the first Sunday of each month, the antique and second-hand book market, in November, the comic strip festival, in October, "Lire en fête", at Easter, "la fête du livre", on the second Saturday in August, "la Nuit du Livre".

To make sure you don't miss anything about this very unusual city, you can follow the "Circuit de la petite cité de caractère", a 2 km walk through the city.


The Bécherel Book and Tourism House

4, Route de Montfort,

35190 Bécherel

Tél. : 02 99 66 65 65.


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