Museum of antique kitchen utensils

Before the time of microwaves....

Just as there was a time when you could live without a smartphone or GPS, it was possible to cook, even if it seems incredible, without microwaves or glass ceramic hobs!



The museum of ancient cooking utensils.

You will find, with a lot of surprise and fun, the answer on the official website of the "Musée des ustensiles de cuisine anciens", the first and undoubtedly unique in France in this field!

In the heart of the village, it is located in a former teacher's home, and gathers 1600 objects divided into six exhibition rooms.

Something to spend a pleasant moment in the memories of our grandmothers' jams!


Museum of antique kitchen utensils

Place Georges Clemenceau

85170 Saint Denis la Chevasse


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La bonne cuisine à l'ancienne

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À la Table des Anciens: Guide de cuisine antique

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À La Table des Anciens invite le lecteur à déguster les meilleures pages des auteurs antiques dédiées à la cuisine. Plus de 100 extraits.

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