Kerhervy... Boats also have a cemetery

At the bottom of the mouth of the Blavet, at the foot of Locguénolé Castle, a nostalgic and magical place, a place of peace and rest... in Kerhervy, the boats went to bed to die...

Tuna boats, trawlers....

It seems that the first boats driven there to disappear gradually were deposited in the 1920s in this Kerhervy boat cemetery, located in the town of Lanester, near Lorient. Groix was then the first French tuna port, and this is where the boats came to begin their long retreat.

In 1943, the wrecks located in Larmor-Kernével joined them at the request of the Germans who were building the Lorient submarine base and wanted to ensure free access.

Boats without fathers...

We can also say that some boats are still waiting for their father there. As we put our children in safety when we leave for a dangerous destination, some of the fishing bosses of the tuna boats in Groix hid their boats there during the war to prevent the Germans from requisitioning them while they were at the front.

But, after the war, some tuna boats stayed there, either because they had been seriously damaged by the bombardments or because their father had never returned...

« L’ouragan »

« L’ouragan », a small 14-metre wooden fishing trawler, was the last trawler to come and sleep in Kerhervy (2001).

Now, standards, circulars and regulations have banned this practice, and it is now on land that fishermen are witnessing the destruction of their old boats with mechanical devices.... progress, no doubt...

Anything else....

Let us not forget that the Kerhervy cemetery also houses an open-air theatre where a renowned theatre festival is held every year!


Office de tourisme de Lanester
Quai de Rohan
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Cimetières de bateaux

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En regardant ces épaves qui ont eu une vie, Klaod Roparz a sans doute pensé à ses ancêtres qui avaient peut-être navigué sur ces merveilleux thoniers, langoustiers et autres. Photographe de profession il immortalise ces épaves pour mieux rendre hommage aux hommes qui naviguèrent dessus. En les observant il s'est aperçu que les empreintes du temps et de la vie à bord sont encore très présentes lorsqu'on sait voir au-delà des choses, l'âme des marins est là.
Lorient, ville portuaire: Une nouvelle histoire, des origines à nos jours

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Depuis 350 ans, l’avenir de Lorient s’est joué autour des ports. C’est donc un parti pris que propose cet ouvrage, celui d’offrir une interprétation de la trajectoire lorientaise de 1666 à nos jours à travers ses ports.
C’est donc à une histoire renouvelée de Lorient que le lecteur est invité, une histoire qui s’appuie sur plus de 30 ans de travaux et une large historiographie.

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