The Valley of the Saints

The Valley of the Saints, Breton Easter Island!

Created in 2008, the association La Vallée des Saints aims to implant 1000 monumental sculptures of Breton saints, in granite... Breton!

First, the granite!

The Breton granite industry is made up of about a hundred small and medium-sized companies and about forty quarries.

The production is marketed in Brittany, of course, but also in the rest of France, and in Northern Europe.

But competition from low-cost countries is fierce: 448,000 tonnes in 2013, for example. Thus, a city like Saumur, to name but a few, wishing to pave a new pedestrian street, did not hesitate, in 2017, to bring its pavers from the other side of the world! This is the carbon footprint!

Then the money!

For a sculpture, you need a beautiful block of granite, a talented sculptor, an assistant often, and all these little people, you have to feed them, house them, etc.... 

In short, a monumental sculpture is about 15,000 euros. 

Also, the Valley of the Saints is a tremendous boost: around 2019, there were already more than 4000 "fellow patrons", nearly 340 companies and associations patrons, and about 50 "building members".

Thus, the Valley of the Saints has become a unifying project which, by the end of 2016, had already welcomed 600,000 visitors! 

If you want to be among them and participate in this gigantic cultural adventure, you will find a saint to finance on the association's website!

Valley of the Saints... a valley?

Not at all!

In Carnoët (Côtes d'Armor), in the heart of Brittany, 15 minutes from Carhaix, this exceptional 8-hectare site offers a breathtaking 360° view of the entire Poher. You can breathe in Brittany!

The purpose of the Vallée des Saints association is "to safeguard, discover and promote Breton folk culture linked to Breton saints in the form of artistic creation". Well, this place is already an expression of Breton popular culture, so much its beauty is steeped in history!


In 2019, the site presents 113 sculptures, and progress is being made at the rate of about fifteen giants per year. Every year, visitors can attend the sculpture sites from May to October. 

Come on, in less than 60 years, it will be over, and the 1000 giant sculptures, featuring 1000 Breton saints, colossus of granite, will meditate facing the wind!


La Vallée des Saints
22160 Carnoët
Tél. : 02 96 91 62 26

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La Vallée des Saints

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Cet ouvrage célèbre la première décennie d'un projet fou qui fait revivre les saints bretons en colosses de granit grâce à des sculpteurs valeureux et un mécénat original. Un site mémoriel à grand succès est né, à l'esthétique imposante, pourvoyeur d'emplois et de rêves, et qui ravive un coeur de Bretagne trop déshérité. Ces pages illustrées mêlent narration historique et récit d'aventures humaines, du Haut Moyen Age à demain, et relient acteurs et visiteurs, chrétiens ou non, à une ascendance spirituelle locale et à portée universelle.
A l'intérieur de l'ouvrage, découvrez aussi une application pour suivre en direct l'évolution de la Vallée des Saints.

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