Unusually unique, Legendia Parc


That's the least we can say! Because Legendia Parc is a park of legends, where magic and the spectacular mingle to surprise, amaze and tell. At random of your dreams, you will meet live shows with actors and animals, animals of character like wolves, for example, farm animals... poetry, romanticism, astonishment and a change of scenery!



Yes, certainly! In this fairy-tale green park, you will meet more than 400 animals spread over more than 30 hectares!


Animals and legends...

Generally, in a wildlife park, we see animals, the main difference from one park to another being their degree of autonomy, the space they have. At Legendia Parc, it's very different! They are indeed presented through tales and legends... the site of the park indicates "the wolf is next to the lamb, the fox protects the hen, the bear falls asleep near the deer, the lynx hears the roar of the deer... it's the magic of legends! »


Shows, educational animations...

In this unique park, you will also be able to attend "magic" shows, such as "the mysteries of Legendia", or "the inn of the wolves", for example, or to follow educational animations with Aurore, the guardian of Châteauloups, or Sato, the falconer...


Legendia Parc
4, La Poitevinière
44320 Frossay
Phone : 02 40 39 75 06





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Guide Des Parcs Animaliers 2020

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Ils font le bonheur des enfants et également de leurs parents qui ont trouvé une activité pédagogique attrayante : la visite des parcs animaliers, aquariums, zoos et réserves ornithologiques. Du zoo de la Palmyre à la Fauconnerie du Puy du Fou en passant par la Ferme aux crocodiles, la Vallée des singes, la Cité des insectes, le Parc aux loups, Marineland... Panorama des sites français qui abritent la faune d'ici ou d'ailleurs!

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