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Faverolles in Berry

Less than twenty minutes from the castle of Valençay, this small village of less than 1000 inhabitants was chosen by the illustrious Benjamin Rabier, illustrious in the first sense of the word, since he is, among other things, the author of the drawing of an animal symbolizing happy living, the drawing of the "Laughing Cow". It is also the place of work of another articsan creator of an exceptional cutlery: Samuel Leucart, creator of the Cutlery of the Bull.


Do you have any idea...?

Do you have any idea of the steps involved in making a knife?
In fact, it is very complex...
There is on the one hand the metal work, cutting, drilling, creation of the miter, trimming, tempering, adjusting, final trimming...

I will skip the steps of the bolster making, to get to the steps of the handle making with cutting, grinding, drilling, tracing and trimming followed by shaping and polishing. All this leads to the final assembly, without forgetting the rivet grinding, the polishing of the handle, the treatment of the wood and the sharpening.


Go and see on the spot...

It is an unusual visit, of course, and very interesting. First, you will meet a passionate person, which is always interesting whatever the field, and then you will be able to follow the mysterious steps of the making of a coutezu, and better understand why it is an exceptional object.

And, if you feel like it, you can order your own knife, made to measure, based on your own choices...


The Cutlery of the Bull

2bis, rue de la Poste,

36360 Faverolles-en-Berry

Tel : 06 07 47 71 70



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Couteaux de collection

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Symboles d’une région et d’un savoir-faire particulier, les couteaux de poche sont des objets incontournables de l’artisanat traditionnel. Du couteau suisse à la serpette de vigneron, du laguiole au couteau de plaisancier, chaque corps de métier possède son couteau fétiche, dont certains ne se sépareraient pour rien au monde.
Au travers des photographies uniques et des explications techniques détaillées sur l’origine de chaque couteau, ses procédés de fabrication et la place qu’il occupe dans notre patrimoine, ce livre est un voyage original au cœur de la France et de l’un de ses trésors artisanaux.

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