Small stone and big history

The flint...

It's a tiny piece of flint, which, from the sixteenth century to the beginning of the twentieth, was used to create the spark that set the powder fires! And, bang... the ball is gone.
So, of course, the more we fought in those days, the more flints were needed. Thus, during the Napoleonic wars, their annual production is estimated at more than 100 million stones. As a result, they have become part of History, and can be found all over the world, at Austerlitz, Wagram, wherever men shot at each other!
It must be said that the region was a world center of manufacture, around Luçay, in the region of Selles-sur-Cher, Saint-Aignan, Valençay...


Museum (unusual!) of the flint

It is a museum for the least surprising! You will discover a whole world around this small stone, trades, tools, the astonishing presentation, in section, of a "crot", well of extraction of the flint, a reconstituted workshop...
And you will also see the three other pillars of the village's economy at the time, the foundry, the limestone quarry, and the mushroom beds in the tufa galleries.
Very interesting also, a new space which was added to the museum, named "From the forest to the workshop", presentation in situation of the wood trades, the woodcutter, the pit sawyer, the splitter, the cooper...


Museum of the flint
4, rue Roger Ménars
36 360 Luçay-le-Mâle
Make an appointment at the town hall:
Tel : 02 54 40 43 31


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Guerres et armées napoléoniennes

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Depuis quelques années, l’historiographie française des guerres napoléoniennes connaît un véritable renouveau. Nombreux sont les chercheurs qui ont défriché de nouveaux champs de recherche, enrichis par la prise en compte des phénomènes transnationaux et par le dialogue avec les travaux menés à l’étranger. Les ambitions de l’histoire totale du fait militaire, de l’histoire culturelle et de la mémoire des conflits, ou encore de l’approche anthropologique ou de l’histoire du renseignement, ont ainsi rejoint celles de l’histoire sociale des armées, de l’histoire institutionnelle ou de la nouvelle histoire-bataille.

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