The thatched cottage of flavours and crafts

Made in Taiwan....

Unfortunately, three times alas, the typical places are often equipped with a "shop"... which is much less so! Let us take the poor Saint-Michel, for example, who, from the top of his mountain, is surrounded by a rising tide of multicoloured and more or less plasticoid objects!


Made in Brière....

Nothing like this in Kerhinet, and the author of these lines was able to see it for himself. Very suspicious on the outside, hesitant to enter, he finally did not regret it, very surprised by the general atmosphere of the place, and by what he found there.

On the shelves, there are almost exclusively products from about thirty local artisans and producers, fervent defenders of "Made in Brière": let yourself be tempted by the cider, salt, honey and pâtés of our region, among others...

While we are in the room, a little tip: in July, August, and until mid-September, every Thursday is a success! A good time, friendly and rural!


Brière Regional Nature Park


The thatched cottage of flavours and crafts

44410 Saint-Lyphard


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