2000 inhabitants, 4 museums, 2 Japanese, and Arsène Lupin!

Two Japanese...

It is of course Satoshi and Yuriko Okamoto who practice their art of glassblowing in their workshop J-Verre, which is obviously in Reuilly...


Four museums...

Yes, nothing less! It is a set of museums managed by the Tourist Office, and grouped under the name "Museums of Berrichon Folk Art".
First, you will find the Museum of the house of Reuilly. About it, I leave the word to the mayor who defines it as follows: "Place of culture, exchange, discovery and conservation of local heritage, the House of Reuilly is open to all local associations but also to artisans who wish to present their products.
Then, you have the Museum of the vine and the wine, with viticultural material, and two small cellars, just to taste! The region's AOC has been renowned since time immemorial, and Hugues Lapaire, a well-known Berrichon poet, said: "It is the wine that gives us our mischief, our spirit, our flame, our good humor," as reported on the town hall's website.
You also have the Museum of Champagne berrichonne, which brings back to life the daily life of the past, with furniture from Berry, and old-fashioned objects!
Finally, you have the Marius Jacob Museum, an anarchist and burglar of the Belle Époque, explaining that his burglaries were, in his eyes, nothing but reappropriation! After having exercised his talents at the head of the night workers' brigade, which he had created, and after having spent some time in prison, he came to settle down quietly in Reuilly. For his last day, he had invited the local children to lunch, offered them a walk in the forest, and then left peacefully from a morphine shot, leaving a note stating: "Laundry washed, rinsed, dried, not ironed, I have the pod. Excuse me. You'll find two liters of rosé next to the basket shop. To your health".


And Arsène Lupin...

It is the life and character of Marius Jacob, an unrepentant anarchist burglar, who inspired Maurice Leblanc to create the character of Arsène Lupin. So, yes, we can say that Arsène Lupin is a Berrichon by adoption!


To visit...

These four museums being very close to each other, you can organize a general visit, and the easiest way to do it is to contact the Tourist Office of Reuilly, since it is the one who manages the whole.



Tourist Office - Tourist Information Office
5, rue Rabelais
36260 Reuilly
Tel: 02 54 49 24 94



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