Magical swamps, and vegetable gardens!

The Marshes of Bourges did not please Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar wanted to seize Avaricum, but he was very annoyed by the marshes and described the place as "swampy, nauseating and unhealthy". But it must have been his annoyance at being stopped by this natural defense that made him talk like that!
From the eighth century onwards, religious communities organized it for market gardening, then lost it during the revolution to the city, which sold the plots mainly to market gardening professionals. These were gradually replaced by 1200 private owners, 90% of whom still cultivate vegetables, a peaceful activity if ever there was one.


The Marshes of Bourges... in the middle of the city!

One cannot imagine a 135 hectare marsh in the middle of the city, divided into 1400 plots.
All these amateur market gardeners are very attached to this place which, at one kilometer from the historical center, appears as a perfect "anti-stress", a haven of calm, of small paths, of shared pleasures and conviviality...
You can visit this unusual place of peace, water movements and bird songs, on foot or by boat...


Association of the Market gardeners of Bourges
Mill of Voiselle
5, Boulevard Chanzy
18000 Bourges
Tel : 06 07 37 68 36

Patrimoine Marais
Phone : 06 43 84 69 86

Visit by boat :
Berry Province Reservation
Le Carré
11, Rue Maurice Roy
18023 Bourges
Phone : 02 48 48 00 23




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Marais de Bourges

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Les marais de l'Yèvre du Langis et de la Voiselle de Bourges: Du marécage aux marais classés, une aventure humaine

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Du marécage aux marais classés d'aujourd'hui,c'est la longue histoire d'un combat tranquille, patient mais incessant entre l'Homme et la nature pour se partager l'espace et faire de ces lieux une terre féconde.
Accompagnant son père locataire d'une parcelle aux Pains Perdus, l'auteur a connu très tôt ces marais. Bien des années plus tard, rejoignant l'Association des Maraîchers de Bourges naissante, il a l'opportunité de rencontrer des hommes et des femmes riches d'expérience.

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