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Throughout your navigation, discover the Western France by taking the side roads ... Discover nooks off the beaten track, sometimes forgotten, but always full of charm and incredible authenticity.

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Colored lights and illuminated colors

placeLa Châtre - Indre
labelTourism, sports and cultural activities

Equipment and Roads and Bridges

placeGuilly - Indre
labelMuseums & Collections

Festivals and sleepless nights of witches and wizards of Berry

placeCuzion - Mers-sur-Indre - Indre
labelcities and villages

Farmers' home at the biquettes

placeSaint-Laurent - Cher
labelHuts, houses, igloos, cottages and co

Small stone and big history

placeLucat-le-Mâle - Indre
labelcities and villages

To discover

Fête de la sorcière à Cuzion

Festivals and sleepless nights of witches and wizards of Berry

placeBué - Rezay - Cher
label Legends, stories & Treasures Festivities & festivals, brotherhoods Religious, mystical & pagan cults cities and villages  
Le concasseur de galets…

The roller crusher....

placeTréguennec - Finistère
label Remarkable buildings Amazing... isn't it?  

Le Quartier Penotte et ses fresques en coquillages

placeLes Sables d’Olonne - Vendée
label Remarkable buildings Amazing... isn't it? cities and villages  
Ancienne cabane de goemonnier

Island of Quéménès, the wind, the sea, and you!

placeIle de Quéménès - Finistère
label Natural curiosities People from here Breton country Huts, houses, igloos, cottages and co  

Bertrand du Guesclin and the castle of Montmuran

placeLes Iffs - Ille et Vilaine
label Castles & Monuments  
Le Manoir de Launay

1000 old tools at the manor of Launay

placeVillebernier – Launay – Maine-et-Loire
label Tourism, sports and cultural activities Museums & Collections Castles & Monuments  

Unusual, forgotten, bizarre, mysterious, original,
curious, picturesque, unknown, wonderful ...

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